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M32 - Mag lockThe Physical Access Barrier or Lock

Every access system requires a locking device that actually secures the door from opening.  These devices come in many forms from electronic strike releases that are attached to the door jamb, electromagnetic locks that are attached to the upper portion of the door and header, and electromechanical locksets or pushbar hardware devices.  All of these units do only one thing and that is to hold the door in a locked position.  Some have better security than others depending on the area and door requirements.  Some are better used in areas where fire code requirements dictate a specific need.  

nxt-3r_mirThe reader / authentication device  

The card reader in any common door access system is the device that transfers the encrypted data that is programmed into the card or credential from the door to the controller.  These devices can come in many different forms and include biometrics technology, retina scan technology, and simple keypads as well.  Although less used today some systems use technology such as barcode or magnetic stripe technology.  Some authentication devices may require both a code and a card or a code and a fingerprint scan or any number of variations for authenticating the user.  These devices are many but all serve the same purpose which is to authenticate the user.  The controller then authorizes the credential in whatever form as valid or invalid in relation the programming that is set for the particular opening.  Once the data on the credential is read and authorized (or rejected) the controller for the access systems sends the required signal and power to the physical barrier or lock telling it to release or open.  Readers are only the data transfer device for this operation and do not store any internal card authorization data.

pkt-keytagThe Reader Credential

All access systems utilize a credential of some form to present to the reader for door unlocking.  These credentials are commonly in the form of a card or key fob.  Their technology varies but most today utilize  “Proximity” technology.  Proximity cards need only be presented within a short range of the card reader for the read so no physical contact is required from the credential to the reader.  This technology utilizes a built in wire antenna that it sends data through to the reader.   One may find older magnetic stripe, barcode, or dallas chip systems but this technology is used less today because of the better Proximity technology.

nxt-4d_mirThe Door Controller

The door controller in most common access control systems is the device that holds the data configuration for each card or credential in the access system.  This data, through each manufacturers individual software which interfaces with each controller is set up to allow each individual card in the system the specific rights of passage and or time of day access to the various doors that have been setup in the access system. It is the firmware of the system yet relies solely on software to configure it and make it perform the various functions required.

 The SoftwareCA3000_software










Most access systems of today are PC based and controlled. As stated earlier the access system is controlled and configured to restrict door access, and to audit door use with the use of software.  Even basic stand alone (non-hardwired) access control locks utilize some form of software to configure them, to enroll and authorize cards or credentials into the system, and to audit door use .  This software varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but all have many basic and similar features (although they can be configured to be very complex) for the restriction or authorization for door access.




 Stand-Alone and WI-FI based access systems have gained much popularity due to system installations not requiring any wiring.  Some of these wireless access control lock products are commonly used in existing hard wired access systems where doors may be more difficult to add due to wiring logistical problems.  In the past their capabilities were greatly limited and still many of these types of access locks required configuration, audit uploads and changes be made at the door either with a laptop computer or the connection of proprietary hand held devices that initiate the changes(add users, change auto lock times, and collect data).  Today Stand-Alone access has made great strides and entered the Wireless world and systems such as APERIO by Medeco which utilizes a special wireless technology to integrate the Aperio system virtually seamlessly into a current building access system.  

Sargent locks Profile series offers code operated stand alone lock systems that can offer simple features such as passage mode and feature for the security of the classroom, “Panic Mode” locking.

The entire feature basis of most door access systems include:

  1. quick and easy elimination or enrollment of user cards (keys).  Electronic information is sent directly and immediately to the doors.
  2. Allows for audit trail which tracks door use dates and times for system users.  This also includes features such as unauthorized card attempts and propped doors.
  3. Restriction and scheduled timed access to particular doors  for any individual user.
  4. Lastly all access system revolve not only around security but also convenience and ease of use for the administrator.  Unlike conventional lock and key systems that have many limitations and costly to modify when the need arises there can be virtually unlimited expansion of ELS electronic access systems.





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