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Key Systems


The creation and implementation of a professional,well managed master key system simplifies owner, tenant, and vendor key management


Is your commercial building  in need of some key system organization? Many are

 We will design and implement a comprehensive keying structure that will give your facilities owners, and managers a professional and well managed system that will increase convenience, reduce liabilities and allow seamless key management.

  1. Concise computer generated key system creation and implementation with minimal disruption to tenants
  2. Managing keys through proper key identification
  3. Developing a key hierarchy that limits vulnerability from key loss  through a multi-level structure
  4. Implementing computerized key logging systems for proper tracking
  5. Additional system keys can be ordered ongoing through email, on our website, or fax order through clear key identification and location tracking
  6. Controlled key duplication requests through “Authorized buyers only” database security
  7. On-going system management and rekeying that insures system integrity is maintained and overall security is not compromised

SFIC (Small format Interchangeable Core) lock systems can provide convenience, increase key control and give better security on commercial master key systems

Englewood Lock and Safe will take you step by step to a concise and more secure building master key system

The Process

  1. Evaluate and consider all existing structures currently in place to insure no similarities exist from new to old key systems
  2. Discuss keying structure in key conference meeting and begin system layout
  3. Define all user access for all areas in the property and their requirements
  4. Look at improving security in critical areas with higher security cylinders or code access hardware to implement with system creation
  5. Create software generated systems according to owner/manager specifications
  6. Complete physical door audit and labeling
  7. Notify tenants and vendors of key system implementation dates and times and define key quantity requirements
  8. Cut all keys according to system specification and issue to owners / managers and tenants prior to system changeover
  9. Log all door and lock problems or issues  that may need to be addressed by managers while keying system is implemented
  10. Issue final key logs in print and spread sheet form and any requested file key sets to owners and managers upon completion


Order keys by key ID number through our website or use the key request form once a master key system has been developed and implemented for your building.



System structure developed specific to your needs and building use.  Your keying specialist will guide you through every process



All key logs are developed and issued to owners and managers for precise key location and tracking.  Key management software is available as well.




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Master Key Systems that work


Medeco Protector II Padlock

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